Chris Sutton, Former England, English & Scottish Premier League Football Player
“Elite sport now requires the highest standards possible and with Faye you are guaranteed meeting these standards. She knows the raw materials needed to succeed and how to maximise potential with her professionalism and experience. Through her strength and conditioning programme there is no doubt individually and collectively that you will improve your performance.”

Allan Ryan, Head of Strength and Conditioning, London Irish Rugby Club

“Incorporating Faye’s work into our Strength & Conditioning programme here at London Irish has proved to be one of the most influential decisions I have made in my time here. The techniques she has introduced to develop and harness the explosive power of our players have been both innovative and, more importantly, effective. From individual programme design, through to rehab consultations and group track sessions, Faye has made the players re-evaluate their own physical abilities and pushed them to achieve even greater displays of power, both in the gym and on the pitch. It is no co-incidence that we have just had our most successful season ever and the work done by Faye has been a major factor in this. Bringing Faye on board could be one of the best decisions you ever make.”

Nigel Best, Performance Manager, Irish Football Association

“The Irish Football Association is delighted to have secured Faye’s input into our National Coach Education Courses for the UEFA “Pro” and “A” Licence awards. Faye’s dynamic and lucid style of presentation, along with her attention to detail, creates an ideal learning opportunity for the course participants. When added to her sports science knowledge and experience as a conditioning coach to elite athletes and teams, it undoubtedly makes Faye a top class course tutor. This is confirmed by the positive feedback provided to us by the course participants, including current and former Internationals as well as top professional club coaches and managers.”

Ian Raspin, GB Canoeing Slalom Coach

“With Faye’s comprehensive knowledge and broad experience base, she is not only able to guide the athletes in the detailed technicalities within the gym. But also provide an effective sounding board for the coach to challenge and advance their understanding, so as to produce the most effective Programs for their athletes.”

Dave Reddin, MBE, Head of Fitness & Nutrition, England RFU World Cup Winning Squad, 2003

“I could talk about all of the great background scientific knowledge and experience of elite sport that Faye has and how important that is. However, although Faye has great strengths in these areas, I believe her stand-out quality is that she works really hard to understand performance and because of this, she gets results, consistently with elite performers. That to me says everything. Elite athletes operate at the margins of performance improvement and they don’t have time to waste on someone’s ‘theory’ of what will work for them. They need results now, and Faye is someone who delivers. As a result, she is someone I would always want on my team and not the oppositions.”

Josh Lewsey, MBE, Fullback, Wing or Centre for London Wasps and England RFU

“The physical demands of professional sports raise various challenges. So often do athletes waste energy with ineffective training without often knowing that they are doing so. As such, goals need to be aligned with a specific and effective training programme based on proven research. In my experience Faye Downey has the best scientific knowledge of any fitness coach I’ve worked with, but what’s more, has also the practical ability to relate this to physical results.”

Goldie Sayers (upon qualifying for Athens 2004), Great Britain Number 1 Javelin Thrower

“Working with Faye has had a huge impact on me. I work with her most days of the week and it’s obviously helped. I could tell it was helping as everything has improved.”

Steve Backley, OBE

“Faye excels in utilising her sports science knowledge and conditioning experience to create programme recommendations for athletes at the highest level. Faye’s ability to match this knowledge to the technical demands of a wide range of sports, allows the transfer of training to performance enhancement to be truly World Class. Faye would be a tremendous asset to any elite Performer or High Performance Team!”

Dr Calvin Morriss, England Rugby Fitness Coach

“Faye has all the qualities that you would expect of an elite strength and conditioning coach. Her knowledge of training methods is exemplary, her attention to detail is spotless, and her ability to motivate her charges is tremendous. I have found her to be relentless in her pursuit of technical training knowledge and her innovative conditioning methods, with particular regard to power and plyometric training, are testament to this continued self-enhancement. Faye would be an undoubted asset to any athlete looking to improve their fitness for their sport.”

Dr Marco Cardinale, Research Manager, Olympic Medical Institute

“Faye has a great knowledge of modern strength and conditioning approaches. Her knowledge of technical aspects is remarkable and she is a great motivator/coach to work with. Faye has developed an excellent expertise in using computerised systems for analysing power output and force production during strength training sessions. Utilising this expertise Faye is able to perform advanced strength testing protocols to analyse an athlete’s progression and adjust training sessions to maximise the athlete’s potential. I fully recommend Faye to anyone looking to improve their fitness for their sport at the highest level.”

Gary Hall, Performance Director, GB Taekwondo

“Our players have the technique and by working with Faye they are also building their strength, which will take them up another level. Taekwondo is a hugely demanding sport; a player will fight all stages of a competition from the first round to the final in a single day so they can’t rely on technique alone, they need strength and endurance and that’s where Faye’s input is proving invaluable.”