Oracle Annual Conference 2008 Testimonials


Ruth O’Donnell, Red Bull
“Bring on next year,
- great speakers, really interesting
- great range of practitioners and performers
- good venue
- technology all worked well and the TV in the lunch room was great
- agenda – thought it was great there was such a balance of breaks and presentations
- audience – good range and numbers for year 1″

John Carey, Managing Director, Cherry Active
“Thank you for a very well thought out and presented conference. I found it really useful in terms of networking.”


Kerry Anley, Sports Massage Therapist, OnTrack Sports Massage
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for inviting me to the conference last Wednesday. I found the day very informative from all angles i.e. psychologically, training methods, nutritional information, all of which help me to further understand my massage clients’ needs. You are very privileged to be in contact with such inspirational people and I can only put that down to the fact you are in the same league.”

Alex Martin, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Leicester Tigers Rugby Club
“Congratulations – I heard the conference was a great success. Vern Neville is the talk of the office. I would be very interested in meeting him if you could set something up.”

Graeme Maw, Manager of the UK Centre for Coaching Excellence, Sports Coach UK
“I thoroughly enjoyed hearing some different perspectives and meeting related people …. It’s exciting and daunting being an independent operator, and there’s not enough sharing and supporting of each other.”

Gary Phillips, Sport Scientist, The Football Association
“Just wanted to say congratulations on the Elite Performance event you organised at Loughborough last week. I enjoyed the speakers – especially Matt and Ben – for different reasons and most importantly for the opportunity to catch up with colleagues from different sports (the opportunities these days are few and far between!)

There was a lot of good info (especially the nutritional interventions). Please keep me in the loop on any future events.”

Dave Reddin, Director, Reddin Enterprises Ltd
“It was great to meet and network with everyone yesterday and more of those opportunities would be great.”

Nick Rees, Academy strength and conditioning coach, Harlequins Rugby
“Just to say thanks again for putting on the conference really enjoyed the day! It was good to get some varying perspectives on athletic development from various corners.”

Phil Riley, England U18 Team Doctor, England RFU
“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, found it very interesting, thanks v much”

Scott Tindal, Physiotherapist, Leicester Tigers Rugby Club
“Thank you so much for yesterdays conference. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as it wasn’t a physiotherapy/medical day but it was brilliant. I thought all the speakers were great and it was quite refreshing to hear some people talk that I would not normally be exposed to. Once again thank you.”

Chris Woolley. Personal Trainer and Athlete/Strength & Conditioning Advisor – British Bobsleigh Association
“Thanks for the follow-up and documents. The conference was fantastic, a good opportunity for networking as you pointed out and it went very well. I have seen both the videos you showed again and stimulating is certainly the word….

All speakers gave a valuable insight to their own, diverse worlds and their methods of science, but outstandingly I can see why Alistair Humphreys has gained the reputation of a superb conference speaker: To speak with such confidence in front of many of the top conditioners/ physios/nutritionists in the country, who, had a similar style expedition been proposed to them a rather different approach just MIGHT have been employed. I think he absolutely underlined what you said at the start of the day – Oracle are NOT UKSCA/NSCA etc, this is not a workshop aimed at improving lifting technique or plyometric ability, it is mutual understanding of performance on all levels and how we can learn from each other! To even attempt the journey he did, let alone complete it virtually injury/illness free is an incredible feat of determination and mental and physical toughness. Not to take anything away from the other speakers, they were also brilliant, each providing valuable points to take away and think more about. Matt Lovell provided a very deep and useful insight to nutrition practices. I took a great deal away from the day and thoroughly intend to be there again for future conferences.

I also managed to talk at length with Jason Gardner regarding his point about UK Sport and supplementation – always a hot topic for debate although ours was more understanding than conflicting.”


Matt Lovell, Perform & Function Ltd
“Thanks very much for asking me to speak. I thought the conference was a big success and well done for organizing it and thinking of an excellent mix of speakers – I loved all of them for different reasons. Those explorers!

You did well to link the speakers and run the show too. I think the conference will grow and become unique.”