Disciplines Analysis

All too often blanket programmes are used across sports and across athletes. Oracle take a highly individualised approach to each performer by assessing your needs analysis and conducting specific performance profiling.


We conduct a sporting needs analysis to decide how to improve your ability to produce force. We work alongside your coach to assess how to apply this force in your technical component to make sure that there is optimum transfer from training.

We can manipulate your programme to focus upon the rate of force development to match the requirements of your sport

Bigger does not mean better…

If your sport is body weight determined we can maximise your strength development and keep body weight to your desired competition or race weight.


We can assess your sports specific power output and create a conditioning programme that will optimise your training.

This means that we can individualise sets, reps and loads to be lifted for maximal performance gains.

We have access to labs and equipment for full analysis at an Oracle Elite Performance Management Centre.